NAESCO Technology & Financing Workshop
June 1-2, 2016 – Louisville, KY

Capturing Innovation without Sacrificing Performance: How Technological and Financing Choices Shape Project Development and Implementation Today

GEM Energy to attend this dual track Technology and Financing Workshop that highlights the changes, challenges, and opportunities when designing energy efficiency projects today for tomorrow. Session highlights include:

  • A regional report on state energy efficiency initiatives
  • Capturing whole-building and system wide savings
  • The economics of LEDs
  • The financing community reassesses M&V requirements
  • What does the Internet of Things Mean for energy efficiency?
  • Can PACE transform the commercial market for energy efficiency?
  • Another look at Off Balance Sheet Financing for public sector customers
  • Managing ESAs for the commercial and industrial market
  • Improving indoor air quality as part of an ESPC retrofit
  • Will state-created Green Community Programs further incentivize development of EE and RE projects?

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