GEM Energy Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems use clean, domestically secure natural gas as a fuel to provide electricity and useful thermal energy.

Delivering power where facilities need it most, a CHP system puts you in control reducing the risk of price volatility or non-availability that can result from supply disruptions.

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GEM Energy introduces GEM Energy CHP Green Data Centers

If 20% of electricity generation capacity (about 240,900 megawatts (MW) per year) comes from combined heat and power (CHP) by 2030, the United States will see:

  • Reduced annual energy consumption — about 5,300 trillion BTU/year
  • Avoidance of 60% of the potential growth in carbon dioxide emissions between 2006 and 2030
  • Total annual CO2 reduction — 848 million metric tons (MMT)
  • Acres of forest saved — 189 million acres
  • Number of cars taken off the road — 154 million
  • Leveraged additional private investments — $234 billion
  • New jobs created — 1 million