GEM Energy has been named an approved vendor in the NYSERDA CHP Acceleration Program which provides financial incentives for the installation of pre-engineered CHP systems by approved vendors.

Incentive funds will be allocated on a site-by-site, first-come-first-served basis in the order of application receipt until December 30, 2016 or until all funds are committed, whichever comes first. The maximum incentive per project is $1.5M with sizes ranging from 50kW to a maximum system size of 1.3MW. GEM Energy approved CHP system information can be viewed here (PDF).

GEM Energy
Integrated Power Systems:

  • IPS-65-CHP rated 65 kW
  • IPS-130-CHP rated 130 kW
  • IPS-130-CCHP rated 130kW
  • IPS-195-CHP rated 195 kW
  • IPS-260-CHP rated 260 kW
  • IPS-260-CCHP rated 260 kW
  • IPS-390-CHP rated 390 kW
  • IPS-390-CCHP rated 390 kW
  • IPS-1000-CHP rated 1,000 kW
  • IPS-1000-CCHP rated 1,000 kW

GEM Energy
Mission Critical Power Systems:

  • MCPS-260-CHP rated 260 kW
  • MCPS-260-CCHP rated 260 kW
  • MCPS-390-CHP rated 390 kW
  • MCPS-390-CCHP rated 390 kW

The program summary (PDF) has all relevant details. GEM Energy will assist with all paperwork and submission. Call us at (866) 720-2700 or via email

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