GEM Energy’s Dominion East Ohio Gas CHP project (in Cleveland, OH) is featured in the June 2013 issue of Distributed Energy magazine. The article, entitled ‘Designed Redundancy‘ regards UPS for critical back-up.

Designed Redundancy

As the aftermath of so many public power outages has demonstrated of late, the ability to get power back online after a power outage is critical.

A UPS provides short-term power when input power sources fail or when other utility power problems occur. Without power, businesses and other facilities risk lost revenues, lost information, lost productivity, safety concerns, damaged equipment, and dissatisfied customers.

At Dominion East Ohio Gas Company’s Cleveland headquarters, GEM Energy designed and installed a 1-MW Capstone C1000 Turbine System, in response to the company’s need for reliable power in summer 2011. The location supports a data center, 24/7 call center, and administrative offices.

The C1000 system supplies continuous power for the Dominion facility, operating in grid parallel interconnection with the electric utility. It also is a dual mode system with on board, rechargeable batteries. During an electric utility grid power failure, the C1000 takes over and supplies all electric power required to operate the administration building, including critical power needs. Because of that, the existing backup natural gas generator set was no longer needed and was relocated to another DEO facility. That machine was sized to carry only critical power loads and was not large enough to operate the entire administrative building.

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