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>> Energy Solutions Agreement

The highest gains in energy productivity are achieved through taking a long-term view of your facilities utilizing the services of one team with multiple resources.

Energy Management

>> Energy Management

Our services include preliminary energy assessments, detailed facility-wide energy assessments or targeted energy assessments. Assessments result in detailed reports with economical energy conservation measures and specific recommendations for reducing your building’s energy usage.

Energy Procurement

>> Energy Procurement

GEM Energy gives you the ability to choose who you buy your power and natural gas from, allowing  flexibility in developing an energy strategy that works best for your business.

HVAC Services

>> HVAC Services

With more than 25 years of in-house HVAC engineering and technical experience, you can count on GEM Energy to design, install, and repair any and all types of building heating and cooling systems including building controls, air handlers, chillers and boilers.

Facility Management

>> Facility Management

Facility management includes maintenance plus everything else required to keep your facilities updated and running smoothly. This can include annual and capital budgeting, subcontractor management, and construction project management.

Combined Heat and Power


>> Combined Heat and Power Systems

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems, significantly reduce the amount of energy you use to operate your facility or process while also providing a reliable power source that will carry your facility through an power outage. GEM Energy CHP systems put you in control, reducing the risk of price volatility or non-availability that can result from supply disruptions.

FlexSet Control System Solutions

>> FlexSet Control System Solutions

With GEM Energy FlexSet Control System Solutions, owners maximize the performance of key heating and cooling systems within their facilities adding cost savings, comfort and convenience.

Construction Services

>> Construction Services

Rather than hiring multiple subcontractors, we directly employ craftspeople from all major specialty contracting trades. This “self-perform” capability ensures consistent quality and safety, smooth execution and the fastest possible response time for every project.


>> Solar

GEM Energy offers turn-key solar project development managing everything from design, engineering and construction to ongoing maintenance and service.