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Local Toledo company Rudolph-Libbe is leading the way when it comes to energy efficiency.

“We are definitely in an energy revolution. And it’s very much a portfolio of energy solutions that’s going to be a part of our future,” said Bill Rudolph, Chairman of Rudolph-Libbe.

Rudolph is an advocate for green energy solutions. His company advises clients on the most efficient use of power, making sure they are using it wisely.

The Toledo Zoo uses solar panels to cut down on energy costs and is developing the site of the old Haughton Elevator plant by covering over ten acres with solar panels, which will help cut those costs even further.

Solar panels establish a stable, long term cost reduction if used during a 25-year-span.

Rudolph says they are using a combined heat and power application that’s a small, natural gas-powered turbine.

Where old factories only run at about 30 percent, blowing smoke out of their stacks, these turbines gather that smoke waste, and put it to use and increasing efficiency to more than 70 percent.

“We use the heat from the exhaust to heat either domestic water, heating water, some process applications,” said Rudolph.

This technology is already being use at the Seagate Center and Huntington Center, as well as several area hospitals.

As technology improves, cost will come down. That means these applications will soon be affordable to the average consumer, which will help to lower our energy bills.

According to Bill Rudolph, we are all a part of the next phase in a new, green energy world.