Delivering power where facilities need it most, ReliaFlex® puts you in control reducing the risk of price volatility or non-availability that can result from supply disruptions.

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Project: UT Modular ReliaFlex® Power System >> Toledo, OH

Our modular power systems incorporate all the features and benefits of an integrated mission critical power system in a space conscious pre-engineered container system. These modules are easily shipped to any location and are capable of being connected to existing infrastructure in a shorter period of time.

Ohio Third Frontier awarded a $1 million hybrid loan toward this project’s design, implementation and commercialization. Ohio Third Frontier, of the state of Ohio’s Development Services Agency, provides funding to Ohio technology-based companies, universities, nonprofit research institutions, and other organizations to create new products, companies, industries and jobs.


The completed University of Toledo modular unit is the second green data center in the nation and the first in Ohio. The new power system will reduce by 50% the amount of fossil fuel needed to power the University’s data center.

Project: Syracuse University Data Center >> Syracuse, NY

The Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) system includes 12 Capstone C65 Hybrid UPS turbines that run off natural gas, function as uninterruptible power supplies and produce 65 kilowatts of power each. The center produces its own heating and cooling by recovering the turbine waste heat. Absorption chillers are used to make cold water to directly cool the computer servers.


The data center has its own onsite power plant, and estimates that it uses 50 percent less energy than a typical data center of its size. It is able to operate off-grid due to the tri-generation system. Syracuse University’s data center is one of the “greenest” data centers in the world.

Project: Toledo Museum of Art >> Toledo, OH

Installed a CHP system featuring four C65 Capstone microturbines with hot water heat recovery modules and remote natural gas compressors. The units interface directly with the existing hot water system and electrical distribution to provide supplemental heat and on-site power.


Under low load conditions, the turbines generate enough heat and power to meet the loads of the entire facility. Total rated output of the system is 260 kW electricity and 1,600 MBH heating.

Project: Huntington Center >> Toledo, OH

To supplement Huntington Center’s heating, cooling and electricity needs, GEM Energy installed a CHP system integrating four C65 Capstone microturbines with hot water heat recovery modules, natural gas compressors, and an absorption chiller.


The turbine array runs year round to produce electricity. In the winter, the exhaust energy is recovered to provide heating for the facility; and in the summer, this energy is used to drive an absorption chiller. Under low load conditions, the system generates enough heat and power to meet the loads of the entire facility. Total rated output of the ReliaFlex® solution is 260 kW electricity, 1,600 MBH heating and 100 tons of cooling.