GEM Energy has been in the business of solar since 2007

Our solar partner and sister company – Rudolph/Libbe, Inc. – has a long list of successful projects ranging from roof-top arrays to ground mounted utility-scale projects. We have been a systems integrator and developer since 2007 and can manage projects in the 48 continental states. Rudolph/Libbe was ranked 105th in Solar Power World’s Top 250 Solar Contractors. The list ranks applicants according to influence in the residential, commercial and utility solar-installation markets.

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Project: Bryan Municipal Solar System >> Bryan, OH

As one of the state’s largest solar installations, this project involved the design/build and development of a 2.125 MW ground-mounted, thin film Cadmium Telluride CD/TE solar installation for the City of Bryan, Ohio. CD/TE is the semiconductor in the solar module that turns the photons from sunlight into electrons which produce DC power. With our unique solar development design on this project, the City of Bryan is able to harvest more energy over a longer period of time. We employ technologies which increase the typical solar power production window. This allows the equipment to start up sooner and “stay awake” longer. To reduce costs, increase efficiencies and maintain a controlled work environment, modularization was used for this project. All components are built off site, then transported and assembled on site. This enabled the installation to be completed on budget and ahead of schedule.

Like non-profit organizations, the military, etc, the city is a tax exempt entity which means they cannot claim a tax credit. For solar that can equate to 30% of the project cost. The deal structure for this project was done with a third party owner which owns the solar array for a contracted period of time receives the tax benefit. That benefit is passed on to the host – the City of Bryan – in the form a project discount.


The City of Bryan has an annual carbon dioxide reduction of more than 2,000 tons and was ranked #3 in annual solar watts per customer by the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) for 2012.

Toledo Zoo Solar Walkway
Project: Toledo Zoo Solar Walkway >> Toledo, OH

This solar panel covered-walkway spans more than 1,400 feet and is rated at 100kw — generating approximately 104,435 kilowatt-hours per year.

The unique design had to showcase local hand-blown glass globes as well as educational messages describing the benefits of renewable energy. The messaging is incorporated on the steel columns along the entire length of the array. An interactive kiosk near the zoo entrance allows visitors to view real-time energy data from the array. The information is also available on the Toledo Zoo’s website.


This project will “peak shave” or reduce the Zoo’s energy consumption during their highest demand times on hot summer days. Any surplus power generated that can’t be used by the Zoo automatically gets fed to the electrical grid.

Phased Solar Field at Ohio Air Natuional Guard
Project: Ohio Air National Guard Phased Solar Field >> Swanton, OH

Five phases were completed as part of the first ever solar field program for the U.S. Department of Defense. The first two phases were research and development projects. The remaining three phases consisted of engineering and construction of this 1.6 Megawatt ac thin-film photovoltaic field. After conducting research, it was determined that thin-film panels should be selected for this program. Work included design, site work, concrete, frame installation, electrical, infrastructure, grid tie-in, performance monitoring, reporting, and sustainment of the program.