Members of the University of Toledo women’s swim team joined GEM Energy and the University of Toledo for the ribbon cutting ceremony on the newly commissioned ReliaFlex modular CHP system.

One of the many benefits includes heated water which is piped from the unit to the pool in the Student Rec Center building.

UT Green Data Center

The University’s Green Data Center is the second of its kind in the nation and the first in Ohio. GEM Energy designed, developed and commercialized the ReliaFlex system.

(From left to right) Michael Green, UT director of energy management; Hussien Shousher, president of GEM Energy; Chuck Lehnert, UT vice president for administration; and Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, president of the University of Toledo.

UT Green Data Center address by Hussien Shousher

Prior to the ribbon cutting, Hussien Shousher, president of GEM Energy, addressed the group.

“Energy use is central to our way of life.  Education is vital to a productive life – and universities require a tremendous amount of energy to fulfill their mission of educating our young people.  The University’s mission of ‘improving the human condition’ is consistent with projects like this one, which improve sustainability for future generations.

Innovation is needed on all fronts to meet future energy demands. There is no single technology that will get us to a reliable energy future.  If we are going to burn fossil fuels, let’s get the most efficiency from them.

We need a family of innovations:

  • The short-term, focused on efficiency and conservation…
  • The intermediate term, such as new engine design, biofuels and electric transportation…
  • And the long term, such as thin-film PV and nuclear fusion.

The word “AND” is the operative conjunction. To make an impact, we need all technology options: efficiency AND conservation, AND nuclear AND solar AND wind.”

UT Green Data Center Tour

Guests tour the inside of the self-contained, free-standing modular power unit which contains four C65 Capstone hybrid Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) micro turbines, a Thermax USA exhaust fired chilled water module with hot water output, an external back-up battery and special environmental systems for hot and cold climate operation.

The ReliaFlex system generates electricity equivalent to the needs of 52 homes and provides cleaner air – equivalent to removing 287 automobiles from the highway. In its first three weeks of operation, it saved over $1,000 in energy cost.