The Rudolph/Libbe Companies (which include GEM, Inc/GEM Energy) has funded two scholarships through the Associated General Contractors of Ohio Education Foundation Inc. for students planning careers in construction.

The Gary Haas and Fritz Rudolph Honorary Scholarship will benefit students majoring in construction management or architecture at Bowling Green State University.

The Rudolph/Libbe and GEM Inc./Gary Haas Honorary Scholarship will be awarded to students majoring in construction, architecture or engineering at The University of Toledo or Bowling Green State University. Gary Haas, vice president of contracts administration, will retire December 31, after nearly 43 years at Rudolph/Libbe Inc.

“These two scholarships honor Gary for his hard work and many years of service,” said Bill Rudolph, chairman of the Rudolph/Libbe Companies. “We greatly appreciate Gary’s commitment, character and significant contribution to our success.”

For both scholarships, bonus points will be awarded to students who have demonstrated service to their communities. Founded in 1955 by the late Fritz Rudolph, Rudolph/Libbe Inc. and GEM Inc, are the largest employers of construction trades in northwest Ohio.