The following was sent to Ohio AEE Policy Committee and Board Members, Friday, May 2, 2014, from OH AEE Public Policy Director, Bret Wiseman.

As many of you have already seen, the Columbus Dispatch ran an article earlier today about a possible veto by the Governor should SB 310 arrive on his desk.  We’ve also been given notice from Chairman Seitz’s Office that they are moving forward with hearings next week with amendments due on Monday, May 5 and a possible committee vote on that following Wednesday, May 7.

Until formal action by the committee occurs, we are still not out of the woods.  We don’t want to spike the ball on the 10 yard line!  We still need to get you, your friends, and your coworkers mobilized and have everyone contact their state senator and the governor.  The more we continue to vocalize our opposition, the better position we will be able to put ourselves in to defeat SB 310.

For those of you that use social media, particularly Twitter, we have several posts up and retweets that we would like to push out there.  Our Twitter handle is @OHAdvEnergyEcon.

Bret Wiseman
Public Policy Director, OH AEE