The following was written June 3, 2014 by Ted Ford, President and CEO of Ohio Advanced Energy Economy.

Since last September, our members and coalition partners have fought hard to maintain Ohio’s energy standards. Those standards have been remarkably effective in reducing energy consumption, lowering costs, diversifying energy sources, attracting investment, and growing a new industry in the state. Last week, the House pushed through a deeply flawed SB 310 that guts the standards, despite opposition expressed by many of its own members and outside organizations as diverse as Ohio AEE, the Ohio Manufacturers Association, Ohio Hospital Association, and Ohio Farm Bureau. The Governor’s Office is now reviewing the bill. The Governor has announced that he will sign the bill, but we are urging caution. In addition to just being bad policy, SB 310 will also make it more costly and challenging for Ohio to comply with rules issued by USEPA this week calling for a 30% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. Signing a bill into law that handcuffs the state in complying with such a major regulatory requirement makes no sense. Contact the Governor today and urge him to veto SB 310. You can reach the Governor here.

Please take a moment to send our state leadership an email. Visit Ohio Advanced Energy Economy website to send an email today!