The Toledo Zoo has been involved in sustainability planning for more than a decade. One key measurable is to reduce the Zoo’s reliance on grid power with renewable energy alternatives such as solar. The GEM Energy solar development team approached Zoo leadership with an idea on how to help achieve this goal. The project involved setting up a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allowing the Zoo to pay a power bill just like they always have, and GEM Energy takes care of the rest of the details involved in getting this 2.1 MW solar array up and functioning.

The first step involved GEM Energy setting up and managing all contract documents. Current tax benefits are 30% annually but since the Zoo is a tax exempt entity, the PPA owner has the advantage of the lowered taxes, while the Zoo pays a lower cost of electricity than it could source on the open market. All of the incentives, property securement and easements, permitting, zoning, utility interconnection, design and construction were conducted by GEM Energy under our turn-key approach to solar development projects.